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Top Things To See At The Louvre

If you are dwelling in Paris on a vacation trip, then you certainly got to visit the very prominent Louvre museum without a failure. There are things aplenty over there for you to behold that will certainly take you into a trance of residing in the ancient age. With that said, given below are a few of the Top Things To See At The Louvre museum for all. A couple of them being the:

  1. Venus De Milo

This particular statue was sculpted somewhat around 150 BC by an eminent artist named Alexandros of Antioch. For the kind of divinity, it showcases, the sculpture of Venus De Milo is considered to be an epitome of goddess Venus herself.

2. Winged Victory of Samothrace

Being one of the finest antique masterpieces, the statue Winged Victory of Samothrace was meticulously dug out from the ground of Samothrace island by an adept archeologist named Charles Champoiseau. Subsequently, it was sent back to Paris and is believed to represent the victory of a Macedonian general in a naval battle.

3.Mona Lisa

Well, while being at the louver museum, you certainly can’t afford to miss the most debated painting of Mona Lisa. Painted sometime around 1503 by the very famous Leonardo Da Vinci, people still are unable to unravel the mystery hidden deep behind her smirk.

Let’s Surmise!

Hence, be it the famous sculptures of sagas of the Greek Monuments or a few of the ancient events, the museum of Louvre has oodles of surprises awaiting you.

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